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Indoor positioning
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Personalized regional positioning measures
Changhong indoor positioning series products use wireless communication technologies such as Lora, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to realize the user's demand for precise positioning in a certain area, and realize the overall solution of real-time positioning and precise positioning in a certain area.
GPS Tracking & Positioning
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Diversified tracking & positioning options
The tracker supports cellular network and GPS positioning. It is suitable for things in our normal life, The location accuracy is within 10 meters. The devices adopts low-power design and rechargable battery, A reminder message will be sent out once electricity is insufficient.
Bluetoooth Finder
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Convenient searching and preventing loss experience
The Finder connects with smartphone through Bluetooth. Simply attach it to personal belongings, and use the finder app to find it. The connection range between phone and finder is about 30 meter in open space and max. 8 devices could be connected. the standard button cell could stand for 12 months under standby mode.
Smart Home
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Customized home ecological service
Changhong smart home combines cloud computing, IoT, big data and other technologies, and takes people as the center. It effectively combines intelligent control of home equipment, environmental awareness, home safety, power management and so on to create intelligent, safe, monitoring and convenient personalized home life services.

Smart Parking
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Specialized parking detection device
Changhong geomagnetic devices upgrades the traditional roadside parking, which effectively solves the problems of urban parking, charging and management. At the same time, it can choose to access the traffic management platform to prevent malicious evasion.

Remote meter reader
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Innovative remote data reading
Changhong remote meter reading device is based on the direct upgrading of the water business system in the stock market. By adding a meter reading device to the traditional water meter, the remote acquisition of the traditional water meter reading is realized.

Overflow Detection
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Remote city cleaning supervision
Changhong trash can detector realizes the remote detection of trash can, and automatically sends cleaning instructions to cleaning management personnel. It realizes the overall solution aiming at real-time detection, task distribution and personnel management.

Engineering capacity
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Rich engineering manufacturing capacity
Changhong network technology company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Changhong. In the era of Internet of things, it provides end-to-end business system solutions including terminal equipment, networking products, business system platforms and system deployment services for basic network operators and other industry customers!
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