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Smart Home
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Customized home ecological service
Changhong smart home combines cloud computing, IoT, big data and other technologies, and takes people as the center. It effectively combines intelligent control of home equipment, environmental awareness, home safety, power management and so on to create intelligent, safe, monitoring and convenient personalized home life services.

Tracking & Positioning Solution
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Convenient searching and preventing loss experience
Changhong's end-to-end tracking and positioning solution uses Bluetooth, LoRa, GPS and other technologies to achieve tracking and positioning capabilities, and an intelligent management platform for the connection to achieve an end-to-end complete solution. Practical functions such as precise positioning, electronic fence, track playback, etc. solve the pain points of the animal husbandry, logistics industry and other industries.
Industry end to end solution
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Specialized Industry solution
Changhong IoT is committed to creating personalized industry solutions for customers, and has been successfully applied in many industries and accumulated rich experience.
Engineering capacity
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Innovative remote data reading
Changhong network technology company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Changhong. In the era of Internet of things, it provides end-to-end business system solutions including terminal equipment, networking products, business system platforms and system deployment services for basic network operators and other industry customers!

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